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Local Characteristics

Su-ao Town is located at the southeast corner of Yilan County, and marks the beginning of the Suhua Highway and the North-Link Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It is also the ending of National Highway No. 5. Within Su-ao Town there is also the Su-ao Harbor which services cargo ships and the navy, and the Nanfangao Harbor in the south, serving as a coastal fishing port and ocean fishing port, which is geographically well suited for.

The naturally carbonated cold spring has a constant temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius throughout the seasons and is one of the two cold springs in the world along with VeniceAfter arriving at Su-ao, besides taking a cold dip within Su-ao Cold Springs Park’s cold springs, tourists can also head towards Baimi Community, Dongao Bay, Wushebi, Su’aonantian Temple, Nanfangao Harbor, Su’aojinan Temple, Wulaokeng Scenic Spot and other locations around Su-ao to admire the beautiful scenery; the locals have also developed many tasty products that use the spring water of Su-ao’s cold springs, such as cow tongue cookies, sticky rice cakes, and other unique Su-ao cold spring specialties.

Just so you know, these are widely popular all over Taiwan! Tourists who love birds should not miss out on the internationally renowned Wuwei Harbor Water Fowl Reserve. The Coral Museum, Nanfangao Seashells Museum and the Bihanshuan Egg and Feather Museum all offer various types of ecological knowledge, forming an excellent classroom and exhibition hall. The scenic locations of Tofu Cape, Neibi Beach and Nanfangao all offer diverse coastal landforms. Here, tourists can enjoy the sea breeze and admire the unlimited scenery offered by the sea. With all these interesting locations around Su-ao, tourists will definitely return home with beautiful memories!

■ The Suao Veteran Memorial Hall
The Suao Veteran Memorial Hall is one of the most beautiful architectural designed military memorial built on the island, thus has become a special tourist spot in Suao area. A military plane, canon, and tanks can be seen outside the hall symbolizing army, navy, and air force. The beautifully designed park area allows a magnificent view of Suao.The basin around the memorial hall was first developed in the late 1700s by Sha Wu, it is now newly renovated into a sports recreational park connecting to the Veteran Memorial Hall.

■ Sun-Gan Factory Museum
The Sun-Gan Factory Museum, housed in a former steel factory built-in 1962 where fishermen would go to get their boats repaired. It is the oldest factory facility still standing in Nanfangao. The museum houses many different types of old machinery used over the decades, as well as personal collectibles donated by the owner.

■ Fish market in Nanfangao
The wholesale fish market in Nanfangao provides wholesale seafood fresh off the boat from deep-sea fishing vessels. At 10 a.m. daily, these seafood are moved to Nanning Fish Market for retail sale until 6 to 7 p.m. Nanning Fish Market is popular among restaurant owners, tourists, and locals to find fresh and affordable seafood. To enjoy the seafood onsite, guests can bring their purchase to stalls in the market to cook onsite.

■ Lucky Art
Learn the making of crayons at this fun factory where visitors can make their own crayons, participate in body painting and other fun booths.

■ Fen-Niao-Lin Fishing Port
Fenniaolin Fish Harbor is located at the southern tip of Suhua Highway, the quiet little fishing village used to be the gathering ground of wild pigeon, thus the name Fenniao (pigeon in Taiwanese) was given to the harbor. The harbor was once known for the abundant catch of whale shark, but since it has become illegal in Taiwan for the capture of a whale shark in 2008, the harbor has lost its spotlight. However, the abundance of fish in the area keeps it as a popular spot for recreational fishing.

■ Baimi Clogs Village
Baimi Clogs Village - Baimi Clogs Village is located in the southeast of Suao, Yilan that was known as the clogs - making town in Taiwan. DIY clogs-making and clogs-dancing courses are available to experience the local culture.

■ JinAn Temple
JinAn Temple worships a local deity San Chang Gong who was bought over from Fujian, China in 1827 during the development of Suao. Since then, JinAn Temple has become a local worshipping ground to receive blessings.