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  • Arrival Date 12 Jun, 2021Saturday
  • Departure Date 13 Jun, 2021Sunday
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24-hour stay, SPA Vacation, Senior Trip and Best Celebrations Package meet all desire to getaway. Stay at RSL Cold & Hot Springs Resort Suao and have a wonderful vacation.

At the Resort

Variety of Cold and Hot Springs Pool and water spa, children's play room, relaxing spa center, fitness center, bar and restaurant provide the top choice for leisure getaway.
  • Spring House

    Spring House

    Located on the second floor with 5 different room types, the 24 spring houses are private and serene with minimalist design. All the private spring houses offers natural cold and hot springs, perfect for relaxation all year round.



    The treatments are geared towards Asian physiques, skin, and meridian by combining a variety of massage techniques, providing an all-around soothing spa experience and satisfying different needs.The spa center are built using environmentally safe and non-toxic materials. The comforting private atmosphere allow for total tranquility during the treatment, combined with natural resources from the resort, letting your body, heart and soul reach divine serenity.

  • Outdoor / Indoor Water Facilities

    Suao Cold Spring & Hot Spring | Water Area

    Variety of indoor and outdoor water facilities, cold and hot spring pools, waterfall pool, sauna and kids' pool for the ultimate relaxation and fun

  • Spring House
  • Suao Cold Spring & Hot Spring | Water Area


Go around Yilan with us. Variety of outdoor activities and in-house DIY classes makes travelers to have a wonderful vacation


3 restaurants and bars are at the resort, using fresh local produce and fresh catch-off the harbors, the creative fusion cuisine offers a taste of local dishes in a whole new level
  • Flavor of Season|Local and Global Taste

    The creative fusion cuisine, using fresh local produce and fresh catch-off the harbors, combines the best of global and local culinary techniques to offer memorable dishes to a whole new level.

  • Energy Breakfast

    Bread basket, appetizer, main course, fresh fruits, juice, coffee, tea, soy milk, and more. The main course choice includes Chinese congee, burgers, sandwiches, Japanese noodles, ...etc. to kick off the day with a full energizing breakfast.

  • Classic Dinner

    Includes amuse-bouche, soup, hot appetizer, cold spring fruit vinegar, entrée, main course, dessert, coffee or tea for a full course dinner. The courses are prepared by combining the best of eastern and western culinary techniques to present the fresh local produce and fresh catches off the nearby harbor at its finest.

  • Afternoon Tea

    Having a cozy and relaxing afternoon tea time with beautiful light and shadow.  The afternoon tea set includes quiche, salad, a variety of dessert, fresh fruit, and selected coffee or tea.

  • Children's Meals

    For children 3 to 10 years old, this menu is specially prepared with consideration of children's nutrition, preference, and eating habits in mind.

  • More Gourmet

    And do not foreget our special cocktails, late-night supper and must-try light meals....