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Multi-functional Banquet Hall


With ceilings 6.8 meters high and covering an area of over 500 square meters, the spacious banquet halls brings an air of elegance to your events. The hall is divided into three sections, R, S, and L and can fit a combined total of 36-40 tables. Special lighting system can be customized to fit into the theme of your event.

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Multi-functional Banquet Hall
Soothing Conference Package (Fullday)

The Best suburb conference vacation! Fulfill your meeting needs in RSL Cold & Hot Springs Resort Suao The meeting package has been specially designed for your needs. You will find our meeting facilities the most modern, food and beverage quality superior and service staff professionally trained. Our experienced staff will provide a level of service that allows you to be the ultimate host. With RSL Cold & Hot Springs Resort Suao, your dream of having the perfect meetings will always be fulfilled

  • For 12-20 persons, NT$2,000+10% per person
  • For 21-60 persons, NT$1,900+10% per person
  • For more than sixty persons, NT$1,800+10% per person

8:00-17:00 or 9:00-18:00

  1. Lunch
  2. Two Tea Break per meeting period
  3. Equipment available: Pen and paper / bottled water / folders / mint candy, wireless internet , 2 wireless/clip-on/wired microphones, projector / projector screen, laser pointer, podium/whiteboard/easel

  1. The above meeting packages are available for a group with more than twelve persons.
  2. Hourly rate is charged if usage time goes over half an hour.
  3. One hour complimentary for pre-use of venue for decoration purposes (not including service personnel). 50% rental charge for one extra hour incurred, and the full charge will be applied to start the second extra hour. Usage of the venue the day prior for decoration purposes will be charged the full amount for the time frame.
  4. Venue rental fee is calculated by NT200 per hour per ping. Full day rental is 10% off of total charge of three-time frames.
  5. Meeting and Conference settings are customized for each occasion.
  6. The usage of the venue will be adjusted by RSL
  7. Overtime usage will be subject to overtime fee, RSL maintains the right to the usage of the venue on overtime.