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Pet Room


An exclusive hotel room for your furry family members. Reservations required.

Opening Hours

24-hour available

Pet Room
RSL Cold and Hot Springs Resort Su’ao offers five pet rooms on-premises. With a quality environment and professional care by our staff, bringing pets along on your trip has never been easier. The hotel is surrounded by pet-friendly attractions where visitors are welcome to visit with their furry loved ones.

Please observe the following rules and regulations when arranging your pet's stay
  • There are five pet rooms, including three small(under 8 kg) and medium-sized dog rooms  and two large dog rooms (under 25 kg), available for pets.
  • The pet rooms are free of charge, but reservations are required until capacity is reached.
  • Diaper pads and water are provided in the pet rooms. Owners should bring their own food for their pets.
  • Please present your pet's annual vaccination booklet stamped by your veterinarian, which should be within 2 years, counting from the date of your pet's arrival. Your dog must have received the "7-in-1" and "rabies" vaccinations; your cat must have received the "3-in-1" and "rabies" vaccinations.
  • Please make sure to de-worm and bathe your pet before moving in.
  • If your pet does not have the habit of urinating or defecating at a regular location, please bring a courtesy belt and or diapers.
  • If your pet has never been alone or is easily anxious, it is not recommended to stay in the pet room.

  • The pet room is exclusively used by pets and is not a shared communal space designed for outside visitors (non-owners) or other pets. The hotel’s water area facilities, restaurants, and hotel rooms are not open to pets.
  • The behavior of pets is the sole responsibility of its owner(s). If the pets cause damage to the hotel facilities or damage the hotel facilities or cause personal injury or violate the pet occupancy regulations, the parents must bear all related liabilities.