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Suao Cold Spring & Hot Spring | Water Area


Variety of indoor and outdoor water facilities, cold and hot spring pools, waterfall pool, sauna and kids' pool for the ultimate relaxation and fun

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Daily 07:00~12:00;14:00~22:00


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Suao Cold Spring & Hot Spring | Water Area
RSL Cold and Hot Springs Resort Suao is the only destination in Taiwan with both cold and hot natural springs. The colorless and odorless cold spring beautifies the skin with its rich sodium bicarbonate elements. The hot spring also contains a considerable amount of minerals such as potassium chloride, sodium sulphide, potassium hydrogen carbonate etc. giving bathers a smooth and fine skin.

Suao Cold Spring
The naturally carbonated cold spring has a constant temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius throughout the seasons and is one of the two cold springs in the world along with Venice. It comes from the thick underground limestone layer active in the Tertiary Period, combined with abundance of rain in the area. The sodium bicarbonate spring also contains calcium and iron, it is drinkable with slight sweet taste.

Exclusive Hot Spring
The underground crust stratum of Yilan area created its famous hot spring by circulation of hot air rising upward to blend with under-layer water from abundant rainwater. The hot spring is also alkalescent sodium bicarbonate with year round temperature of about 40 to 50 degrees Celsius. The high density of minerals in the hot spring includes iron, sodium, potassium, and more, these minerals sometimes form petal like crystalized mineral also known as hot spring flower.

Spring Bath Reminder
Natural spring water has an abundant amount of ion and minerals, its therapeutic effect include pain reliever, increase body circulation, and is beneficial to the respiratory system, skin, muscle, joints, and immune system. Following the appropriate guide to taking a natural spring bath can make it an ultimate enjoyment.